Fish and Fisheries product is very sensitive and must be treated with care and knowledge, People Fisheries is a modern 100% export oriented processing plant, established in 1975, located in the heart of Fish Harbor area, which is very close to the source of raw material, i.e. Local fishing fleet jetty, Fish/Shrimp auction hall etc, also within the vicinity of the seaport.

People Fisheries (Pvt.) LTD, has been involved in the processing and export of Fresh water and sea food products (shrimp&Fish) of the finest quality under strict quality management program, specially our management become pioneers in process /export of Fresh water Fishes to Europe and Middle East Countries.

In order to meet the international requirements as per E U Directives our management renovated the plant with modern facilities and equipped with latest machinery's having more then 80 metric ton per day quick freezing capacity through modern contact plate freezer, capable of about 850 metric tons storing capacity.

After inspection in 1999 THE EU AUTHORITIES to process and export Fish & Fisheries product from Pakistan APPROVED our plant to EU counties.

We are processing our products under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point) management system. To check the quality of Fish and Shrimps our plant has well equipped laboratory to carryout bacteriological and other test and analysis on a daily basis by quality export MICROBIOLOGIST to ensure high quality products. Authorities also conduct a regular inspection of the plant consignments.

A part from the process and export the Fish and Shrimp products our management is also involved in collaboration with foreign Fishing company. While in the past we had also experience in operating TUNA LONG LINES in the EEZ of Pakistan under joint venture.

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